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The Story Behind Shipwrecked Seasonings (or so we are told)

Back in the early 1700's, Pirates sailed around the Atlantic Ocean in search of ships that they could seize and take their valuables. After

one of these battles, Captain William Longstache found a locked treasure chest in the captains quarters of the ship that had just taken.

After getting back to his ship, Longstache opened the chest to count the loot he had stolen. To his surprise the only thing inside the chest was a leather book. When Longstache looked at what was inscribed in the pages he came to a sudden realization. What he had just taken was worth more than all the gold or jewels he could acquire in his lifetime. It was formulas for the greatest seasoning blends ever created. Knowing that others would be searching for the book, Longstache decided he would hide the book in the chest on the coast of North Carolina while he searched for the spices to make the blends. After being lost at sea in a fierce hurricane, Longstache's treasure was lost for hundreds of years. Then one day in 2011 a man hiking in the woods in coastal N.C. discovered the chest. It was taken home and opened, there inside was the worn and weathered book that Longstache had hidden hundreds of years earlier. The lucky hikers mixed some of the formulas and realized that these were the greatest seasonings they had ever tasted. Their friends kept telling them that they should bottle and sell the blends and so Shipwrecked Seasonings was born. Packaged here in N.C. using the best spices from around the world, Shipwrecked Seasonings has finished the quest that Captain Longstache started. Now you too can enjoy these seasoning blends. If your favorite Grocer doesn't have them ask the manager to start carrying them or you can order directly from us.

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